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is a package equipment solution provider in Shanghai, China, especially for construction machinery, heavy industrial equipment and vehicle. We represent quality China machinery brands and also export a famous international brand around the world.


We are always committed to offer our customers high quality products with reliable performance, competitive price and comprehensive services, to ensure every engineering project to be run smoothly and on schedule.

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1.Lifting machinery
2.Earthmoving Machinery
3.Road Machinery
4.Concrete Machinery
5.Drilling Machinery



Truck Crane



1. Engine: Weichai WP8.320E51   235 kW

2. Total weight: 34580kg

3. Max. travel speed: 80km/h

4. Max. lifting weight: 30ton

5. Full-extend boom+jib: 52m  5 section boom

6. Over dimension: 13450*2650*3550mm